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“500 years ago you would have had darker skies everywhere and every night because you wouldn’t have as much light pollution.If you want to see a dark sky, go to Barrow, Alaska.The book is beautifully written, with a moving preface in which Kempner locates herself as a fellow migraine sufferer as well as ethnographic observer.”“Kempner expertly illustrates how social legitimation of an illness is a multifactorial process and that effective recognition of a disease, which provides the basis for serious advances in research and treatment, can only result from a broad acknowledgment that persons who suffer from it are worthy of such interventions.”As a migraine sufferer, I had read numerous books (Heal Your Headache, The Magnesium Solution, The Migraine Brain, etc) in a desperate effort to improve my condition.But many of those books left me feeling overwhelmed by complicated diets and trigger avoidance therapies, and made me feel as if my migraines were MY fault.The story was not slated to air on Friday night's edition of the show, however.

And anyone who suffers from the curse of headache pain.”“This insightful and eloquent account of our evolving understandings of migraine, from a condition of weak-nerved women, to a “real” neurobiological disease, does far more than document the cultural framing of headache.On Monday, according to an NBC source, one of the entertainment newsmagazine's producers remembered Trump's 2005 taping session with former "Access" co-host Billy Bush.