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29-Sep-2017 01:01

“Take that down,” the older Hardee says, motioning to a giant portrait of Charlotte Mc Kinney holding hamburgers against her bare bosom. “It was time to evolve,” said Jason Norcross, executive creative director and partner of the Los Angeles-based agency, which has been making ads for Carl’s Jr. “Beyond that, people didn’t really know anything about them.The picture is replaced by a close-up of a hamburger. We wanted to put the focus back on their products.” [‘It wasn’t even a question’: The simple calculation for pulling advertising off Breitbart] But, he added, it didn’t seem right to just ignore the company’s past.“We love each other very much.” But the judge questioned that sentiment. You just told me how much you and your family love each other,” Robbins said.

“We tried to take a self-aware approach and acknowledge the reputation they’ve had over the years.” CKE Restaurants, the California-based parent company of Carl’s and Hardee’s, was until earlier this month led by Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s original nominee to lead the Labor Department.I'm severely disappointed with Snapchat's customer service. Around July 28ish I began to experience issues with Snapchat, such as some snaps that friends sent not being able to load/not appearing.I'd think that they haven't sent anything at all, but then when I enter the app again, it appears all the sudden.Until recently, Andrew Puzder served as chief executive of the company that owns Carl’s Jr. He stepped down earlier this month, after withdrawing his nomination to become President Trump’s Labor Secretary.

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(Al Seib/Getty Images) For a dozen years, Carl’s Jr.

I thought the update would have dealt with this issue but apparently not. I like Snapchat its something i go on to see people enjoy there lives but heres some few ideas on how to improve...

At any moment, a thousand to a 100 thousand people are online.… continue reading »

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Nous avons calculé les rapports des sexes M: F en fonction du sexe des autres enfants de la famille (naissances vivantes antérieures), et classé les rapports obtenus selon deux critères : 1) le temps écoulé depuis l’immigration au Canada (moins de 10 ans ou 10 ans et plus); et 2) la langue maternelle (panjabi, gujarati, hindi, etc.).… continue reading »

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