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01-Nov-2017 03:30

I have a real fear that I might, indeed, be an addict of some sort. The only thing this rant is really proving is that I'm self-obsessed and think any of you give a shit that some whiny Upper East Side lesbian princess thinks she's an addict. Well let me tell you babes, I almost lost my shit when I realized that Dr. Costine, author of the book “Lesbian Love Addiction: Understanding the Urge to Merge,” was the guest, and they were going to discuss LESBIANS and our epidemic of U-Hauling (which is really just a lighthearted way of saying “moving in together after the third date,” or “love addiction.”)Dr. Costine, a total femme babe lez who is in fact a psychologist (for once it's not just me drawing from my haphazard, screwed up life), has struggled with love addiction her whole life. But once I met this blonde-haired, wild-eyed bartender chick, my world changed over night.On the podcast, she candidly discussed why lesbians are at such effing high risk for it. I didn't even need to take the shot or snort the white powder because I already felt tanked from my feels for this girl. And being away from each other was a withdrawal like nothing I had ever experienced.If you've struggled to meet lesbians who share your interests, values and relationship goals on free lesbian dating sites, it's time to give a try.Sign up today and enjoy services that free lesbian dating sites simply don't offer, such as's Profile Pro service for an expertly written profile and frequent Stir events held nationwide where members can get together and flirt while enjoying different activities such as cooking classes, golf lessons and wine tastings in a pre-booked public venue.(A little taste of the snark to come: "If you got a tiny, stupid ring you might be a tiny, stupid woman inside.") "If you like laughing, you'll laugh," Byer added."We talk about topics you might have questions about so you'll get some answers." We'll have our notepad ready.But unfortunately, not all lesbians are quite as great for bisexual women.

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Or perhaps you’ve been burned in the past by a bisexual woman who behaved badly.I’ve been lucky in my time as an out bisexual women to encounter a lot of lesbians who have lived out wonderful examples of how to be a solid ally to my needs as a bi woman.