Playfire gamercard not updating

06-Jan-2018 00:15

As of this year, Play Station Trophies are now a mandatory part of all PS3 titles, working very much in the same way as MS' Achievements, with a few structural differences.

I swear if I finish Sneak King in the next couple days and it appears on there before Gears of War, that's some pretty f'd up crap right there man.

Gradient (by Spratters53) Hexagram (by T_l_M_B_0) Hexicon (by T_l_M_B_0) Connected (by Tiger Lust) Mini-Me & Mini-Mix (tweaked by Spratters53) Jackson (by Tiger Lust, specify background color of your choice) Wave (by Kyden) Flip (by Tiger Lust) Battlefield 3 (by Bull The Great) Modern Warfare 3 (by Bull The Great) Pip-Boy (by Bull The Great) Uncharted (by Bull The Great) Bullboard (by Bull The Great) Sphere and Electric (by Bull The Great) Userbar (by Spratters53) You MUST follow the rules listed in this post and those above it.

If you have a card from a bad source (such as EU PSN), do not list the games, ask for an update and don't have our card in your sig, etc: you will be ignored.

This the second part in a four-part series of multiple, micro reviews.

Over the course of the past 5 months, there have been numerous games that have come out that I have not reviewed, save for Heavy Rain and Darksiders.

A Gamertag, from the very start, has set out to feel like an identity, something that is tied into every Xbox 360 game they play, every Achievement they unlock, and every success they have in a multiplayer environment. A PSN handle is simply what it is -- just a handle.

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